Talk by Prof. Jason Box

A century-plus of monthly Greenland ice surface mass balance components

This presentation focuses on a comparison of Greenland ice surface mass balance reconstructions for the past century-plus. Comparisons are made among reconstructions of accumulation, melt volume, meltwater retention, ablation area, runoff, and surface mass balance. and versus ice cores, meteorological station temperature series, and borehole temperature inversions. The compared reconstructions include A.) that from Box (2013) based on in-situ observations, B.) that from the regional climate model MAR v3.5.0 driven by 1.) the 1871-2012 NOAA 20th Century Re-analysis (20CR) and by 2.) the 1900-2010 ECMWF ERA-20C. Some examples regional climate and ice flow model applications of the datasets are provided.