Master thesis defence by Vasileios Mandrakis

Stable Isotopes of Atmospheric Water Vapor in Copenhagen, Denmark

This MSc project deals with the stable isotopic composition of atmospheric water vapor. It’s main aim is to successfully sample and calibrate the isotopic data of vapor at the Rockefeller complex, Copenhagen. High temporal resolution of the water vapor isotopic values is obtained from a 24-hour sampling scheme using two Piccaro-Cavity Ring Down Spectrometers /CRDS). A comparison between the data of the two CRDSs is taking place for a better evaluation of the data series and a more in depth understanding of how the CRDSs perform when they are used for the collection of water vapor. Sampling of meteoric water is done by using a rain collector suitable for storing rain and snow. Data from the vapor phase are combined with sampled precipitation in order to make an interpretation of the links between the isotopic composition of the vapor and the liquid/solid state of water.

Keywords: water, vapor, isotopes, meteoric water, ring down spectrometer


Vasileios Gkinis, Centre for Ice and Climate
Bo M. Vinther, Centre for Ice and Climate