Midterm colloquium by Mika Lanzky

Investigation of two RECAP firn cores from Renland and comparison with model data

Stable water isotopes are a proxy for temperature, and thus climate, and one paleoarchive is ice cores, namely from the Arctic and Antarctica.

In 1988, a core was drilled on the island Renland off the east coast of Greenland, and this previous summer, a new core was drilled in the RECAP campaign. Among those where also two firn cores, named A9 and A6, which were drilled at the old and new drill site, respectively.

These cores have been processed, cut and measured on laser spectrometers in order to see possible differences between the two sites, and has been put on a tentative time scale, ranging back to 2005 and 2006, respectively.
In addition, the data from the cores have been compared to different meteorological parameters from two climate models, one nudged and one not, such as temperature, precipitation, and water isotope values.