Master thesis defense by Mathias Skov Jensen

Title: Electrical conductivity, Volcanoes and Climate

Abstract: This work presents an extended Electrical Conductivity Measurement (ECM) data set for the East Greenland Ice core Project (EGRIP) ice core down to 1760 m. The data set is then used for matching of the EGRIP, NGRIP and NEEM ice cores based on ECM and Dielectric Profiling (DEP). Two matchings are presented. The match point sets are used to transfer the GICC05 timescale from NGRIP to EGRIP, providing timescales for the EGRIP ice core reaching back 16,320 and  31,560 years  2k, respectively.
Annual layer thicknesses in EGRIP have been estimated from the obtained timescale reaching back 16,300 years b2k. The constant layer thickness observed for part of the Holocene is contradictory to what has previously been seen in Greenland ice cores, where annual layer thicknesses tend to decrease with depth for this time period. This suggests unique location-specific thinning and ice flow dynamics at play. 
An analysis of the effectiveness of upgraded software applied for data processing showed improved depth control that increased the overall accuracy of ECM data.
The first EGRIP timescale developed and presented in this study has many future applications towards the chemical and physical studies of EGRIP and past climate in general.