Master thesis defense by Kerttu Maria Peensoo

Title: Developing a Method for High Resolution Water Isotope Measurements in Ice Cores

Abstract: In this thesis a laser ablation system is developed for the purpose of water isotope measurements in ice. Laser ablation allows for extraction of water vapour from ice, which can then be analyzed with cavity ring down spectrometry. This work explains the advantages of this system compared to continuous flow analysis and discrete sampling. A full scale system is built and tested at the department of the Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth.

 Vasileios Gkinis (NB), Yang Zhang (DTU), Thomas Blunier (NBI)

Censor: Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen (DTU)

Place: Hybrid event: Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth, Tagensvej 16, 2200 Copenhagen N, Room 0-08 and zoom link:  
Please note a valid coronapas is required to attend the defense.