Master thesis defense by Mikkel Rasmus Schmidt

Title: Whispers of Ancient Air Bubbles in Polar Ice - A novel approach to total air content studies based on the acoustical signal of air bubbles in ice cores

Abstract: This thesis presents a novel approach to ice core research which investigate the audio signal radiated from ice cores as sound due to air bubbles formed under pressure are being released as ice is being melted. [Minnaert, 1933] used the frequencies of the sound radiated by bubbles to estimate their radius. This method is applied on ice cores to estimate the total air content (TAC). Through initial measurements during a melt campaign in Bern in February 2020, design and production of test ice with and without bubbles and through analysis of the continuous flow analysis (CFA) system in Copenhagen and improvements of this, a first order setup has been designed. Four types of ice were melted on this setup and has been analyzed for total air content estimates. This worked as proof of concept though many parameters and the data analysis needs to be improved upon.

Hybrid-event: Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth, Tagensvej 16, Room 0-08 & online at Zoom:
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