Master thesis defense by Rebekka Frøystad

Title: Measuring d18O of atmospheric oxygen for synchronizing ice core records

Abstract: An accurate understanding of the succession of climate events is important in the interpretation of high resolution climate records. Atmospheric oxygen is a global tracer of biosphere productivity and can further be used to synchronize ice core records across hemispheres.

This thesis work is focused on instrumental design and optimization of an experimental setup for extracting and measuring d18O of atmospheric oxygen in ice cores.

Results from a measurement campaign of samples from the RECAP ice core are presented to verify an increase in d18O seen around 100-120 kyr BP. These data are used to further constrain the time scale for gases in the RECAP ice core by comparing them to the already established time scale for the Antarctic EDML ice core.

Supervisor: Thomas Blunier

Censor: David Balslev-Harder

Place: Hybrid event: Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth, Tagensvej 16, 2200 Copenhagen N, Room 0-08 and zoom link:
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