Master Thesis Defense by Mads Lundsgaard Andersen

Title: Sensitivity of winter climatic conditions in Europe to various surface forcing in the EC-Earth model

For the past decades, the temperature of the Arctic has risen at an alarming rate, which leads to overall reduction of Arctic sea ice. While Europe experiences overall milder winters, a few extremely cold events has occurred. This leads to an investigation of a potential link between the Arctic sea ice, more specific in the Barents-Kara area, and cold European winters.

This thesis aims to investigate this potential link using the atmospheric-only EC-Earth model. Here, an attempt was made to recreate an old experiment but with a better model with higher resolutions. The goal of the experiment is to systematically reduce the sea ice in the Barents-Kara area and see how it affect the European winter climate. The results showed that sea ice reductions might lead to colder European winters - the response showed a potential greater impact by only slightly reduced sea ice which was statistically significant, and overall weak impact for the temporal mean winter temperatures, which was not.

Supervisor: Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen
Censor: Peter Aakjær