Master Thesis Defense by Max Darholt

Title: Climate variability and teleconnections in the North Atlantic Region - A comparison of the EC-Earth3 ensemble to ERA5

In this thesis EOF analysis has been applied to the ERA5 reanalysis and the EC-Earth3 model ensemble for both winter and summer extended seasonal mean of mean sea level data from 1940-2014 covering the North Atlantic Region. The use of a model ensemble has provided insights to the internal variability of EC-Earth3, especially the NAO pattern, both through time and between seasons. 

Next, principle component regression analysis has been applied to the summer results to reveal teleconnections of precipitation and temperature anomalies. They show interesting distinct patterns that indeed could be useful for reconstruction purpose.

Supervisor: Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen, Shuting Yang (DMI)
Censor: Martin Drews (DTU)