PICE Talk by Tomoki Miyakawa

Title: Global cloud/cloud-system resolving simulation activities

Several research groups around the world started to develop a new generation of Earth System Models, which have the capability to resolve the vertical energy transport associated with deep convective clouds in the tropics and ocean eddies. These models matured to a degree, that they can be evaluated and tested in inter-comparison projects. In the DYnamics of the Atmospheric general circulation Modeled On Non-hydrostatic Domains (DYAMOND) project, first a winter period with only atmospheric models, than a summer period with atmospheric and coupled models was simulated with several of this new generation models.

NICAM is one of the earliest developed models of the kind. It shows signs of improvement in many aspects such as the diurnal cycle, tropical cyclone, MJO, and general circulation, when run at 3.5 km grid spacing.Fugaku, a state-of-the-art supercomputer can run NICAM with 3.5 km configuration at a speed of 2 simulation year per day (2SYPD). NICAM can be run at a global 220m horizontal grid spacing at its finest, although only for a very short run.

The ocean-coupled version NICOCO is used with its ocean component at 0.1 degree grid spacing, which is capable of resolving meso-scale eddies.I will present results from the DYAMOND intercomparison, and from the recent activities with NICAM and NICOCO.