20 April 2022

Inaugural lecture by Christine Schøtt Hvidberg

Christine Schøtt Hvidberg_inaugural lecture
Christine Schøtt Hvidberg: Inaugural lecture at HCØ 20 April

Title: Ice sheet mass loss and sea level prediction - an interdisciplinary challenge.

Earth’s large ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are losing mass in today’s warming climate and contributing to the global sea level rise.

There is uncertainty on how ice sheets will respond to further warming, and much uncertainty in the projections is due to the challenges of capturing the response from fast flowing ice streams and instabilities at marine-terminating margins.

The lecture discussed how we can combine observations and numerical modelling, benefiting from monitoring data, field work and ice cores to address these knowledge gaps.

Christine Schøtt Hvidberg was appointed Professor of Climate Physics in May 2021.