Ice flow modelling group

The ice flow modelling group at Centre for Ice and Climate studies ice sheets and glaciers in the climate system - glaciology, ice flow modelling and observations, surface mass balance and evolution of ice sheets. 

Annual Greenland Ice Sheet Seminar

Network meeting between research groups in Denmark working on the Greenland Ice Sheet held the first Thursday in January. Contact Christine Hvidberg for further information (

Next meeting: January 6, 2022 held virtually by NBI: See agenda and link HERE.

Previous years: 2020(NBI) 2019(DMI) 2018(GEUS) 2017(CIC/NBI) 2016(SNM) 2015(DTU) 2014(DMI) 2013(NBI) 2011(GEUS) 2010(DMI) 2009(NBI) 2008(DMI) 2006(NBI)

Weekly group meetings.

Virtual meetings every Thursdays at 9.00-10. Sign up to the maillinglist here:

Schedule Spring 2022. Link to schedules in previous years

6/1 Greenland Ice Sheet Seminar - see info above.
13/1 Jonas Kvist Andersen (DTU-Space): "Ice velocity in Greenland"
20/1 Christine Hvidberg (NBI): "Reconstructing a long paleoclimatic record for ice flow modelling"
27/1 Aslak Grinsted (NBI): "The transient sea level response to external forcing in CMIP6 models"
3/2 The Danish-Antarctic Seminar, 9-14. Arranged by Ruth Mottram (DMI)
10/2 Discussions of ongoing work
17/2 Discussions of ongoing work
24/2 Walk and talk in Fælledparken - meet at PICE
3/3 No meeting due to the official NBI 100 years celebration
10/3 Discussions of ongoing work
17/3 Emily Wilbyr: discuss oreographic precipition in PISM, described in papers by Smith et al: paper1 and paper2
24/3 Mikkel Lauritzen: present paper by Mikkelsen et al. 2018
31/3 Steven Franke
7/4 No meeting due to PICE Phd day
14/4 Easter
21/4 Nicholas Rathmann
28/4 Tamara Gerber
26/5 Ascension day