Map of the surface velocities in part of the North East Greenland ice stream

Map of the surface velocities in part of the North East Greenland ice stream (NEGIS) close to the EGRIP drill site (marked by a black line). A radio-echo-sounding (RES) image shows the internal structure of the ice in and around the ice stream.

The overall aim of IceFlow is to investigate how ice flows and ice streams influence the evolution of the Greenland ice sheet. 

We are developing new methods to measure ice-crystal-related parameters from the EGRIP ice core in the North East Greenland ice stream. In addition, borehole data, ice-core deformation, and basal observations are planned. We will combine these EGRIP measurements with large-scale observations of the ice stream from radars and drones to model the evolution of the ice stream and its flow pattern. To further investigate the impact of the ice fabric on flow, we will drill through one of the strange and large basal structures on the side of the ice stream with a rapid access drill. These observations will increase our understanding of how ice streams form and develop, and will feed into ice-stream models. The aim is to model the full ice-stream system including ocean interaction and grounding line processes.

The goals to be reached by IceFlow will lead to a much stronger scientific understanding, and possibly a breakthrough, in understanding the flow of ice in and around an ice stream. 

IceFlow is supported by the Villum Foundation.

Publications from the IceFlow team


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