29 January 2018

January 27 2018

Completion of Mt Brown science activity

Sharon and Paulie finalising the ice core storage facility at Mt Brown.

The final pullout of the Mt Brown science team occurred on 22nd January: Paul and Jason were picked up by the twin otter, which landed at the Whoop Whoop ski landing area with onward transport to Davis station by helicopter. All drill equipment and most science equipment has now been extracted from Mt Brown, leaving Sharon, Bloo and Paulie to complete the packing and shutdown of the camp. 

Australia Day - January 26 - was celebrated on station with a mini-Olympics competition. Flights are planned to resume on Monday 29th January and it is anticipated that all equipment and personnel will return to Davis from Mt Brown by early February. Currently, 3 ice core boxes have been transported to Davis station and 49 ice core boxes are still to be transported from Mt Brown camp. 

Sunset at Mt Brown on 21st of January.