The RECAP project (2014-16) retrieved a 584 meter ice core drilled to bedrock on the Renland ice cap. Analysis and interpretation of the ice core data is on going and the publications will be available here >>

A 7 mill. kr Sapere Aude grant from the Danish Research Council to Associate Professor Bo M. Vinther funded the Danish contribution to RECAP. The US National Science Foundation and the Alfred Wegener Institute provided air support for RECAP, while the project logistics and drilling was managed by Ice and Climate, Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen.













Climate Frozen in Time

Watch the short film 'Climates Frozen in Time' (directed by Kenneth Sorento) about the RECAP ice core research from East Greenland. The movie was shown on the CPH:DOX in 2020.

On your own on an ice sheet

In 2015 Sune Olander Rasmussen from the Niels Bohr Institute was left with a small a few colleagues on the ice sheet of Renland in Eastern Greenland. Their job was to point out the best spot to drill ice which could be used for calibrating temperatures in other ice samples.