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Travel directions and other useful information for visitors to Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth

Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth (PICE)
PICE is located on Tagensvej 16, 2200 Copenhagen N.

Map of Copenhagen and the location of PICE.

FROM THE AIRPORT –  via Central Copenhagen – to Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth.

Metro or regional trains are the easiest way to reach Nørreport Station from where more busses or a taxi will bring you to Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth. The ticket for the trip from the airport to the city centre or Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth is a 3-zone ticket (see below).

THE METRO is located at the end of Terminal 3 and operates at 4-6 minutes’ intervals during the day and evening hours and at 15-20 minutes' intervals during the night. The travel between the airport and central Copenhagen (Nørreport Station or Kongens Nytorv) is 15 minutes.

THE REGIONAL TRAINS leaves from Terminal 3 and operates every 10 minutes. Train to central Copenhagen leaves from platform 2.
NB! Be sure to take the train in the right direction as you will otherwise end up in Sweden!

BUSSES from Nørreport Station to Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth.

Take one of the following busses and get off at Nørre Campus at the crossing of Tagensvej and Nørre Allé. From here it is very close to PICE, at Tagensvej 16.

Bus no. 6A (direction Emdrup Torv)
Get off at Nørre Campus (Tagensvej)

Bus no. 15E (direction Søhuset Forskerparken)
Bus no. 150S
(direction Kokkedal St.)
Bus no. 184 (direction Holte St.)
Bus no. 185 (direction Klampenborg St.)
Get off at Nørre Campus (Nørre Allé)

If you are coming from the airport you can continue using your three-zone ticket, otherwise you need a two-zone ticket (DKK 24). You can buy the ticket from the bus driver – please note that the bus driver only accepts coins!

TICKETS for all public transport in Copenhagen
Depending on how long time you will stay in Copenhagen you have more choises as to tickets. You can choose to buy a 24-or 72-hours City Pass ticket valid in zones 1-4 (24 hours, DKK 80) (72-hours, DKK 200).
You can buy the ticket upon arrival to the airport.
4 zones is enough for travels to and from the airport and in all inner Copenhagen and gives unlimited access to buses, trains, metro and harbour buses.
Get more information on tickets for the public transport in Copenhagen
and prices

Taxi from the airport to central Copenhagen costs about DKK 200 and to the Centre for Ice and Climate about DKK 250. Credit cards are welcomed in most taxis but you better ask.
From Nørreport Station to Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth taxi costs about DKK 100

WALKING from downtown

The walking distance from Nørreport St. is a little less than 2 km.


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