Cryo-magnet for high-field, low temperature materials investigations

This electromagnet provides a constant magnetic field up to 16 T. It is equipped with a He3-He4 dilution refrigrerator providing a sample temperature from 3 K down to 25 mK. In the near future, another option will be installed, covering the temperature range 3 K to 100 K.

The cryo-magnetThe cryomagnet has equipment for measuring electrical transport and ac-suscptibility (in testing). Later techniques will include NMR and dielectric constant measurements.

The projects to be carried out at this facility covers a broad field within solid state physics, from quantum transport over superconductivity to magnetism and quantum phase transitions.

The cryomagnet was sponsored by FNU and the Carlsberg Foundation and is a joint facility between our group, the Qdev center, the Inorganic Chemistry group at Institute of Chemistry KU, and the Institute of Physics, DTU.

The cryomagnet was commissioned in October 2012.

The cryo-magnet is run by the following persons:

  • Kim Lefmann (XNS/NBI, UCPH)
  • Thomas Sand Jespersen and Jesper Nygård (Qdev/NBI, UCPH)
  • Jesper Bendix (Chemistry, UCPH)
  • Jørn Bindslev Hansen (Physics, DTU)

For further information, contact Kim Lefmann