Emerging neutron and X-ray facilities: ESS, MAX-IV, and X-FEL

The group is deeply involved in a number of activities related to the two emerging facilities in Lund (S): The neutron facility, the European Spallation Source (ESS), and its neighbour X-ray facility, MAX-IV; and at the European Free Electron X-ray Laser (XFEL) under construction in Hamburg (D).

- Design of instruments for ESS. Denmark and Switzerland have joined forces to design and propose 4 instruments for ESS. The group is leading two of these projects, and is through instrument simulations (link) also involved in the two others. In addition, Heloisa Bordallo is heading a 5th project as a sole Danish contribution.

- Simulation of instruments for ESS using the simulation package McStas. Kim Lefmann is presently leading the group of general instrument simulations (link) for ESS, helping instrument designers at ESS in Lund.

- Maximizing the Regional use of ESS and MAX-IV. Robert Feidenhans'l is KU leader of a project involving also DTU and Region Hovedstaden, about creating awareness of the new possibilities arising around the two large scale facilities. Dorthe Bjergskov is the local project administrator.

- Educating for the new facilities. The group runs one specialized course in X-ray scattering (Kell Mortensen) and one in neutron scattering (Kim Lefmann); both are mixed theory/lab courses. See SIS pages under Physics education. In addition, one common X-ray-neutron course is held as a summer course (3 weeks in August) for students with a general science background (Stine West).

- Expert advice to ESS. Lise Arleth is participating in the Scientific Advisory Council for ESS.

- Governing XFEL, Robert Feidenhans'l is chairman of the board for XFEL

- Expert advice to the Danish Ministry of Education, Robert Feidenhans'l and Kim Lefmann leads DANSCATT, which is administrated by Bente Juhl Andersen. DANSCATT is both the national instrument center for X-ray and neutron users, and the national advisory board for related strategic policies.

- Through DANSCATT, the group have access to international synchrotron and neutron facilities, including

- Neutron user organizations, Kell Mortensen leads the Danish Neutron Scattering Society, DANSSK. He is also board member of the European Neutron Scattering Association, ENSA. 

For further information, contact  
Kim Lefmann ; Heloisa Bordallo