Light Scattering

The Light Scattering facilities at XNS/NBI include Static (SLS) and Dynamic Light Scattering  (DLS) facilities.

The light-scattering instruments are used mainly for structural studies of dispersions of molecules and molecular aggregates. Typical studies concern proteins and other bio-molecular aggregates, which are studied in the range of nanometer to micrometers.

The instrumentation consists of:

  • Brookhaven Instrument for DLS and SLS
  • Home built DLS using a 150 mW Nd-YAG 532 nm laser (ADLAS) and ALV5000/60X0 autocorrelator
  • Static light scattering in combination with size-exclusion chromatography (LC10AD HPLC) running the sample through 3 units: Sephadex 200 column , Dawn EOS multi angle light scattering instrument with a K5 flow cell  and RID10A differential refractometer for concentration determination. 

For further information, contact Lars Øgendal