Previous events in 2018

Bachelor defense by Mikkel Rasmus Schmidt

23 February 2018 kl. 10:00


Master´s thesis defense by Niels Ole Ørum

27 February 2018 kl. 14:00

Title: "Evaporation from a body of water"

Talk by Paul Vallelonga

9 March 2018 kl. 13:00

Talk about the project Mount Brown. Click here to read more about Mount Brown. 

Masters´ thesis defense by Sonja Wahl

22 March 2018 kl. 10:15

Title: "Holocene Climate and Ice Flow of the Renland Ice Cap"

Talk by Olga Henneberg

23 March 2018 kl. 13:00

Title: Clouds, precipitation and cold pools

Masters´ Thesis Defense by Benjamin Halager Andersen

3 July 2018 kl. 15:00

Title "Application of Wavelets to Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and The Phenomenon of Turbulence"

PhD defense by Marius Simonsen

31 August 2018 kl. 14:00

Title: "Interglacial ice core dust from Greenland"

PhD defense by Johannes Lohmann

5 November 2018 kl. 13:00

Title: Dynamics of abrupt glacial climate change

PhD Defense by Diana Vladimirova

23 November 2018 kl. 13:00

Title: "High-resolution methane record of the RECAP ice core (Eastern Greenland) over the last climatic cycle"

PhD defense by Nicholas Rathmann

26 November 2018 kl. 13:00

Title: Nonlinear fluid dynamics - Studies on the dynamics of ice sheet deformation and the turbulent energy cascade

PhD defense by Mads Bruun Poulsen

16 January 2019 kl. 15:00

Title: Parameterizing Southern Ocean eddy-induced circulation in coarse resolution ocean models.

Ice2ice all staff meeting 2019

6 May 2019 kl. 9.00