Quantum Optics Seminar: Daniel Bedialauneta Rodríguez

Efficient off-chip coupling interface of alligator photonic crystal cavities for the V2 color center in 4H-SiC

D. Bedialauneta, 1,2 A. Das, 1,2 L.J. Feije,1,2 T.W. de Jong 1,2 S.J.H. Loenen,1,2 G.L. van de Stolpe,1,2 G.M. Timmer,1,2 and T.H. Taminiau1,2
1Qutech, Delft University of Technology
2Kavli institute of Nanoscience Delft, Delft University of Technology

Point defects in 4H-silicon carbide have shown themselves to be an interesting candidate for scalable quantum applications. Especially due to their outstanding spin-optical properties [1,2] and the successful integration of defects in nanophotonic structures [3,4]. In widely available c-plane grown silicon carbide, V2 defects couple primarily to TM-like modes. Here, we design an adiabatic coupling interface between a single-sided optical fiber taper and a silicon carbide waveguide taper, and the waveguide-to-cavity interface, for a high off-chip collection efficiency of the TM-mode-like emission of the V2 defect. Additionally, we build a room temperature setup that implements these designs for the characterization alligator photonic crystal cavities and collection efficiency of the system.


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