Quantum Optics Seminar: Yueguang Zhou

GaAs-on-Insulator platform for quantum dot single-photon emitters

Heterogeneous photonic integration platform combines the strengths of various material platforms, which is promising for fully on-chip quantum information processing [1]. To date, the GaAs-on-SiN platform has demonstrated low optical loss waveguides and quantum dot (QD) single-photon sources with pure single-photon emission [2]. This talk will introduce another hybrid material platform GaAs-on-Insulator (GaAsOI) featuring high-index contrast to achieve high coupling efficiency from QD to waveguide. On the theoretical aspect, we harness the vectorial nature of light to achieve extreme optical confinement on this platform, leading to significant enhancements in the Purcell effect, Our simulations reveal a 2.8-fold increase in the Purcell factor for a V-groove waveguide design and a high Purcell factor of 87 for circular-Bragg grating cavities. Experimentally, we demonstrate a GaAsOI microring cavity-based single-photon source utilizing flip-chip bonding techniques, which achieves high-purity single-photon emissions. Additionally, other cavity designs such as nanobeam and fishbone cavities are also validated on this platform, which shows good potential for QD single-photon emitters.

[1] Davanco, M., et al., Heterogeneous integration for on-chip quantum photonic circuits with single quantum dot devices. Nat. Commun., 8(1), 889, 2017.

[2] Chanana, A., et al., Ultra-low loss quantum photonic circuits integrated with single quantum emitters. Nat. Commun., 13(1), 7693, 2022.