Quantum Optics seminar: Yong-Hoon Cho, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Quantum Light Generation and Control with Group III-N and III-As Semiconductor Nanostructures

The group III-V and III-nitride semiconductor nanophotonic structures have gained considerable interest owing to their wide range of photonic applications for light-emitting devices (LEDs), single-photon sources, and exciton-polariton devices. Here, we present classical and quantum light generation and control with nanophotonic structures based on group-III nitride and arsenide semiconductors. First, we demonstrated phosphor-less white LEDs with three-dimensional GaN-based structures. Sub-micrometer LED arrays were also fabricated using mask-less and etching-free pixilation technique [3]. Second, we achieved site-selective single-photon generation from site-controlled InGaN quantum dots formed on pyramidal array structures [4-6] and selectively quenched InAs quantum dots [7]. Third, we accomplished room-temperature polariton condensates within GaN-based single hexagonal microrods [8]. Furthermore, this system allowed us to explore the polariton-based non-Hermitian system at room temperature [9], providing an excellent platform for investigating non-Hermitian physics and developing innovative photonic applications.
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