Exoplanets & Astrobiology

The first exoplanets, i.e. planets outside our own solar system, were discovered only a few decades ago. Today we know of thousands of them, and they post a challenge to the understanding of how planetary systems form.

Our group participate in discovering and characterising some of the most interesting exoplanets. By modelling their spectra we will be able to calculate what they are made of. Eventually these models will reveal whether biological processes affects the atmosphere, as is the case on Earth. By performing biological experiments, we quantify how much different types of life will affect the observable spectra.

Exoplanets & Astrobiology Group at the Niels Bohr Institute Exoplanets & Astrobiology Group at the Niels Bohr Institute Exoplanets & Astrobiology Group at the Niels Bohr Institute Exoplanets & Astrobiology Group at the Niels Bohr Institute


















Our research activity is carried out at the Centre for ExoLife Sciences (CELS) and encompass theoretical modelling of the spectra and atmospheric structure of exoplanets, as well as observations, laboratory work and instrument development.

The Centre for ExoLife Sciences (CELS) is led by Uffe, Gråe Jørgensen, who has held a permanent position at the Niels Bohr Institute since 1992 and has a background in the theory of stellar atmospheres and evolution. Today, our research mainly focuses on the different aspects of exoplanets. For more information, see https://cels.nbi.ku.dk/english/.

  • The observational aspects of our exoplanet research is through an international team, MiNDSTEp, of researchers and students from 10 different countries worldwide: www.mindstep-science.org
  • Our theoretical modelling is anchored in a network of scientists from 8 different European research institutes that was recently granted a European PhD double degree network, CHAMELEON: https://chameleon.iwf.oeaw.ac.at/ 
  • Our astrobiological research is in collaboration with other scientists at the Niels Bohr Institute, institute of microbiology and institute of chemistry, all at the University of Copenhagen. These are Anders Priemé (aprieme@bio.ku.dk), Henrik Grum Kjærgaard (hgk@chem.ku.dk), Jan Härter (haerter@nbi.ku.dk) and Morten Bo Madsen (mbmadsen@nbi.ku.dk)

Recently graduated students:

  • Cecillie Patricia Knudsen, master student (co-supervised with Morten Bo Madsen), hsx285@alumni.ku.dk, graduated February 2021
  • Poul Kari Madsen, master student (co-supervised with Anders Priemé, xps228@alumni.ku.dk, graduated 2021
  • Nanna Bach-Møller, master student, jd153@alumni.ku.dk, graduated October 2020
  • Nicholas Ljungstrøm Duus, master student (co-supervised with Anders Priemé), qdn894@alumni.ku.dk, graduated October 2019
  • Emma Poole, master student, emjip_poole@hotmail.com , graduated August 2019
  • Rune Dodensig Kjærsgaard, master student, sgq951@alumni.ku.dk, graduated August 2019
  • Christian Nørby Friis, master student (co-supervised with Åke Nordlund),  xls818@alumni.ku.dk, graduated August 2019
















































The European PhD double degree network grant, CHAMELEON combines the expertise in exoplanetary atmosphere and protoplanetary disk modelling by researchers from eight European research institutes.

The network consists of 15 PhD students, of which 8 will get a PhD degree from NBI.

More information about the activities under the CHAMELEON project can be found at our homepage https://chameleon.iwf.oeaw.ac.at/ 















































































































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Julie Meier Hansen
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Uffe Gråe JørgensenUffe Gråe Jørgensen, Professor
Office 01-2-403
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