Morten Bo Madsen

Morten Bo Madsen

Associate Professor

Associate Professor, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen.

Mortens scientific achievements include identification of the source of magnetism of Martian dust and soil; participation in proving the presence of water ice in the Martian sub-surface by NASAs Phoenix lander; participation in establishing on the surface that Gale crater once supported running water in form of rivers.

Morten has a broad interest in the exploration of Mars and has contributed to all of NASA’s landed missions on the planet since (and including) the Mars Pathfinder mission. Presently, he is Co-Investigator on the Mastcam-Z instrument, and the MOXIE experiment and Collaborator on the SuperCam instrument, all on board NASAs Mars 2020 rover. Morten is also Co-Investigator on the HABIT instrument on ESAs ExoMars 2018 surface platform and on NASAs Opportunity rover. From 2011 to 2016 Morten was Co-Investigator (Participating Scientist) on NASAs Curiosity rover.

Participating Scientist on NASA’s “Curiosity”-rover (Mars Science Laboratory), competitively selected November 2011. Co-Investigator on NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander mission since December 2003. Co-Investigator on NASA’s Mars Exploration Rovers since 2001. Interested in mineralogy and dynamics of dust and soils on the Martian surface.

Co-author of more than 120 publications in peer reviewed international journals.

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