Mogens Høgh Jensen

Mogens Høgh Jensen


Professor of Complex Systems and Biophysics, dr. scient. (D.Sc.),
Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

Head of  BioNET,
President, Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters.
Group leader, Biocomplexity Group  Membranes 

Office Telephone: +45 353 25371
Mobile: +45 28755371
Office: Kb-7, Blegdamsvej 17, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø.


 Summary of CV

Published more than 210 scientific articles in refereed journals.
Given over 250 invited lectures at International Conferences.
Over 13000 citations.
Most cited publication: 4020 citations, Physical Review A 33, 1141 (1986).
Author of 1 book (662 citations) and editor of two books.
H-index: ~ 46.
Supervisor for 40 Ph.D.-students, 30 post docs, and around 50 M.S. students.
Member of the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters (from 2000).
Secretary General of the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters (2012-2016).
President of the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters (2016-).
Organizer or co-organizer of 34 international conferences/summer schools/workshops.
Associate Editor Physica A and Quantitative Biology.


Project SYNCHRO, supported by Danish Council for Independent Research: Description.


Mogens Høgh Jensen was in January 2011 awarded the prestigious Gunnar Randers Physics Prize of Norwegian Science. The prize was handed out by King Harald at a ceremony in Oslo, May 5, 2011.

The quotation says: For M.H. Jensen's groundbreaking basic research on complex matter systems. M.H. Jensen has delivered outstanding contributions to many problems in modern physics, especially concerning phase transitions and critical phenomena, as well as in the theory of chaos, turbulence and complex systems. His works have lead to increased fundamental understanding inside many areas of materials science, complex materials, and processes in biological systems.
  Gunnar Randers' Research Prize 2011
  "King of Complexity", Teknisk Ukeblad
  Stolt prisvinner mottok Gunnar Randers Forskningspris
  King of Norway gives prize to Danish Professor
  University newspaper.

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