Research in Astrophysics and Planetary Science at the Niels Bohr Institute Research in Astrophysics and Planetary Science at the Niels Bohr Institute Research in Astrophysics and Planetary Science at the Niels Bohr Institute Research in Astrophysics and Planetary Science at the Niels Bohr Institute Research in Astrophysics and Planetary Science at the Niels Bohr Institute


A broad spectrum of astronomy and astrophysics is researched at the Niels Bohr Institute – everything from the visible Universe such as planets, stars and galaxies – to the invisible universe and the presence of dark energy and dark matter. 

The NBI astrophysicists participate in many international projects and have access to modern telescopes and satellites via, e.g. Denmark’s membership of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the European Space Agency (ESA), and to state-of-the-art supercomputers. 

There is a strong tradition for collaborating with skilled engineers and technician’s towards developing and building advanced new instruments for the exploration of space.






























































































































































































































Astrophysics and Planetary Science section

Øster Voldgade 5-7, 1350 København K, Building: 01-2-407
Head: Troels Haugbølle, Associate Professor
Phone: +45 35 32 11 41, Email:
Secretary: Julie Meier Hansen
Phone: +45 35  33 43 96, Email: 

The Cosmic Dawn section

Niels Bohr Building, Jagtvej 128, 2 floor, 2200 København N.
Head: Johan Peter Uldall Fynbo, Professor
Phone: +45 35 32 59 83, Email: 
Secretary: Guarn Elizabeth Nissen
Phone: +45 35 32 59 68, Email:

DARK section

Niels Bohr Building, Jagtvej 128, 2. floor, 2200 København N.
Head: Steen Harle Hansen, Associate Professor
Phone: +45 35 32 59 88, Email:
Secretary: Meagan Kelsey Jensen
Phone: +45 35 32 59 20, Email:



















Name Title Phone E-mail
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Agnello, Adriano Guest Researcher +4535337641 E-mail
Alexiou, Evdoxia Student FU   E-mail
Allen, Natalie PhD Fellow +4535335565 E-mail
Amadio, Flavia Enrolled PhD Student +4535327372 E-mail
Andersen, Anja C. Professor +4535325892 E-mail
Andersen, Michael Ingemann Special Consultant +4535325992 E-mail
Angus, Charlotte External Researcher +4535331535 E-mail
Bacchini, Cecilia Postdoc +4535327125 E-mail
Bach-Møller, Nanna PhD Student   E-mail
Balduin, Thorsten PhD Student   E-mail
Baungaard-Sørensen, Helena Section Secretary +4535327014 E-mail
Berlok, Thomas Postdoc +4535329383 E-mail
Brammer, Gabriel Associate Professor   E-mail
Bruun, Sofie Helene Enrolled PhD Student +4535336477 E-mail
Campolmi, Irene External Consultant   E-mail
Campos Estrada, Beatriz Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Christensen, Lise Bech Associate Professor +4535320604 E-mail
Clasen, Jacob Wang External Consultant +45+34619274750 E-mail
Damkjær, Oliver David PhD Fellow +4535323522 E-mail
Dib, Sami Marcel External Researcher +4535320626 E-mail
Fabj, Gaia PhD Fellow +4535328883 E-mail
Farías Hinojosa, Diego Andrés PhD Fellow +4535322174 E-mail
Fynbo, Johan Peter Uldall Professor +4528755983 E-mail
Gall, Christa Associate Professor +4535326076 E-mail
Garrido Zornoza, Miguel PhD Fellow   E-mail
Gavino, Sacha Paul-Elie Postdoc   E-mail
Gelli, Viola Postdoc +4535328309 E-mail
Giménez Arteaga, Clara External Consultant +4535320565 E-mail
Gledhill, Rachel Alice External Consultant   E-mail
Gottumukkala, Rashmi PhD Fellow +4535321021 E-mail
Gould, Katriona Mai Landau External Consultant +4535337125 E-mail
Grcic, Marcela PhD Fellow +4535329560 E-mail
Gressel, Oliver No job title +4535325228 E-mail
Hajela, Aprajita Postdoc +4535323339 E-mail
Hansen, Steen Harle Professor +4535325988 E-mail
Haugbølle, Troels Associate Professor +4535321141 E-mail
Heinemann, Tobias Peter Guest Researcher   E-mail
Heintz, Kasper Elm Assistant Professor   E-mail
Hendriks, Kai Sebastian Paul PhD Fellow +4535329778 E-mail
Hjorth, Jens Professor +4535325928 E-mail
Hjortlund, Jacob Osman Research Assistant   E-mail
Holm, Simone Vejlgaard PhD Fellow +4535323108 E-mail
Hutter, Anne Katharina Postdoc +4535323967 E-mail
Høg, Erik Associate Professor Emeritus +4561706129 E-mail
Izzo, Luca External Researcher +4535337153 E-mail
Jakobsen, Peter Affiliate Professor   E-mail
Jensen, Meagan Kelsey Centre Coordinator +4535325920 E-mail
Jin, Shuowen External Postdoc +4535331184 E-mail
Jørgensen, Jes Kristian Professor +4535324186 E-mail
Jørgensen, Uffe Gråe Associate Professor +4535325998 E-mail
Kadela, Arthur Matthew Research Assistant +4535325794 E-mail
Kakiichi, Koki Assistant Professor +4535329769 E-mail
Khetan, Nandita Postdoc +4535323984 E-mail
Khosravaninezad, Negin Academic Research Staff +4535325891 E-mail
Kinch, Kjartan Bergeron Affiliate Associate Professor +4535320512 E-mail
Klausen, Rikke Stougaard Student   E-mail
Knude, Jens Kirkeskov Associate Professor Emeritus   E-mail
Kokorev, Vasilii External Consultant +4535325205 E-mail
Kreilgaard, Kimi Cardoso PhD Fellow   E-mail
Kuruwita, Rajika Lakmali Guest Researcher +4535327998 E-mail
Küffmeier, Michael Postdoc   E-mail
Laursen, Peter Academic Research Staff +4535320519 E-mail
Lemming, Mikkel Peter External Consultant   E-mail
Lesniewska, Aleksandra Lidia Research Assistant +4535329918 E-mail
Li, Zhen PhD Student   E-mail
Liu, Bin Guest Researcher +4535325150 E-mail
Liu, Lijie Postdoc +4535328697 E-mail
Lu, Ting-Yi PhD Fellow +4535324279 E-mail
Ma, Guozhen PhD Fellow +4535329094 E-mail
Madsen, Morten Bo Associate Professor +4535320515 E-mail
Magdis, Georgios Affiliate Associate Professor   E-mail
Malesani, Daniele Bjørn Academic Staff   E-mail
Mason, Charlotte Associate Professor +4535334089 E-mail
Matharu, Jasleen Kaur Postdoc +4535323554 E-mail
Mayo, Andrew Wayne PhD Student +4535335734 E-mail
Mazurczyk, Mikolaj Tymon Research Assistant   E-mail
Mc Partland, Conor John Ryan Postdoc +4535323772 E-mail
Milvang-Jensen, Bo Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Møller, Kristian Holten Guest Researcher   E-mail
Nielsen, Rasmus Damgaard PhD Fellow +4535323320 E-mail
Nordlund, Åke Professor +4535325968 E-mail
Nordström, Birgitta Associate Professor Emerita +4530278982 E-mail
Nørby, Freja Amalie Student FU   E-mail
O'Neill, David William PhD Fellow +4535328489 E-mail
Oesch, Pascal Associate Professor +4535324387 E-mail
Pearson, Sarah Assistant Professor +4535323870 E-mail
Pearson, Sarah Assistant Professor +4535323870 E-mail
Pedersen, Holger Associate Professor Emeritus +4535332654 E-mail
Pedersen, Kristian External   E-mail
Pessah, Martin Elias Professor +4535325312 E-mail
Prieto Lyon, Gonzalo Juan PhD Fellow +4535324275 E-mail
Raimundo, Sandra External Researcher +4535331659 E-mail
Rangavar Langeroodi, Danial PhD Fellow +4535321761 E-mail
Rasmussen, Per Kjærgaard Associate Professor Emeritus +4551495631 E-mail
Reynolds, Tom Postdoc +4535323411 E-mail
Rizzo, Francesca External Consultant +4535320550 E-mail
Rusakov, Vadim External Consultant +4535335440 E-mail
Samsing, Johan Georg Mulvad Assistant Professor +4535320370 E-mail
Sarangi, Arka Assistant Professor +4535331348 E-mail
Sedgewick, Aidan Postdoc   E-mail
Sharma, Rajeeb PhD Fellow   E-mail
Shuntov, Marko Postdoc +4535323224 E-mail
Steinhardt, Charles Associate Professor +4535335010 E-mail
Strait, Victoria Bellinger Postdoc   E-mail
Symeonidou, Eftychia PhD Student +4535327512 E-mail
Tiede, Christopher William Postdoc +4535328569 E-mail
Toft, Sune Professor +4535325908 E-mail
Tracanna, Fabiano Research Assistant +4535331572 E-mail
Trani, Alessandro Postdoc +4535328462 E-mail
Valeckas, Kostas IT Officer   E-mail
Valentino, Francesco Maria External Consultant +4550157234 E-mail
Verwohlt, Jo Research Assistant   E-mail
Vestergaard, Marianne Professor +4535325909 E-mail
Viuho, Joonas Kari Markku PhD Fellow   E-mail
Watson, Darach Jafar Professor +4535325994 E-mail
Widmark, Axel Guest Researcher +4535332491 E-mail
Wojtak, Radoslaw Jan Associate Professor   E-mail
Wu, Sirui Master-Student +4535322903 E-mail
Zalesky, Lukas Morse PhD Student   E-mail
Zwick, Lorenz Postdoc +4535329526 E-mail
d'Alessandro, Azzurra PhD Fellow +4535324717 E-mail