HET-Discovery seminar: Alexander Krikun

Speaker: Alexander Krikun

Title: Doping the Holographic Mott insulator

Abstract: One of the promising applications of AdS/CFT duality is the holographic description of the strange metallic phase observed in high temperature superconductors. I will show that the phenomenology of the holographic models is actually reach enough to account for the phases which are typically found next to the strange metallic regime: the Mott insulator and the striped charge density wave phase, which arises when Mott insulator gets doped.  Essentially, the interplay between the spontaneous translational symmetry breaking in the holographic strange metal and the explicit periodic lattice potential gives rise to the intricate phase structure of the commensurate and incommensurate states. These states posses some features familiar in the experimental data, which have so far eluded the theoretical description in terms of conventional condensed matter approaches.arXiv:1710.05791