HET seminar: Ehsan Hatefi

Speaker: Ehsan Hatefi

Title: On D-brane/ D-brane-Anti-D-brane  Effective Actions of String theory and their all order alpha-prime corrections

Abstract: In this seminar we would like to talk about all kinds of effective actions in Type IIA, IIB super string theories, involving DBI,Chern-Simons and more importantly new Wess-Zumino actions. Indeed we try to provide a comprehensive explanation not only for BPS branes but also for D-brane-anti D-brane systems. Along those actions, we also introduce various new techniques for mathematicians/string theorists for which getting the exact and final form of the world sheet integrals up to five point mixed closed-open amplitudes to all orders will be presented. Eventually we make various remarks on how to derive without any ambiguity all order α’ corrections to all type II effective actions. If time allows, we then mention several applications related to those effective actions as well.