HET seminar: Nikolay Gromov

Speaker: Nikolay Gromov

Title: Holography without super-symmetry with Integrability


We discuss a conformal theory of scalars in 4 dimensions.

This is so called Fishnet theory with very simple action, which can be also understood as a very deformed N=4 SYM theory.
We show that the theory is well defined and is integrable even when the double-trace interaction (not present in N=4) is turned on.
As such it is a very nice theory with all features of a perfect toy model of holography, integrability and hopefully exact solvability.
We discuss how the integrability, mysterious in N=4 SYM, become very transparent in this theory. We show how the Quantum Spectral Curve (a powerful method for computing non-perturbative spectrum in N=4 SYM) can be derived here from Feynman diagrams. We also discuss exact expressions for the spectrum and correlation functions.