Informal seminar: Richard Ruiz

Speaker: Richard Ruiz

Title: Seesaw Mimicry at Colliders


Searches for lepton number violation at collider experiments typically assume minimal constructions of canonical Seesaw models as phenomenological benchmarks. This is done, in part, because realistic neutrino mass models can spoof another Seesaw’s trademark experimental signature. Though considered widely known, concrete examples of this are noticeably absent from the literature. In the context of the minimal Left-Right Symmetric Model (LRSM), long thought to be inaccessible at LHC energies, we present a demonstration of this Seesaw mimicry. In turn we show that searches for the canonical Type I Seesaw at the High-Luminosity LHC are in fact sensitive to the mass scale of the minimal LRSM. Findings in terms of gauge invariant dimension-six operators containing heavy neutrinos are also given.