HET seminar: Tilman Plehn

Speaker: Tilman Plehn

Title:  Higgs physics at the LHC

Abstract: With the discovery of a light, likely fundamental Higgs boson our
understanding of particle physics has entered a new era. We now know
that quantum field theory describes elementary particles possibly to
very high energy scales. This means that we need to develop an
appropriate theory framework to describe experimental searches for
non-standard effects. Effective field theories are the leading
candidate for such a description. In addition to their generality, we
need to remember that there are many extended Higgs and gauge sectors
for which we know the LHC physics and which need to be approximated by
the effective theory. The validity of the effective field theory
approximation will lead us to a wide range of theoretical and
phenomenological considerations. Finally, I will show how effective
theories are used in other fields of LHC physics.