HET seminar: Vladimir Kazakov

Speaker: Vladimir Kazakov

Title: Integrable QFT's and integrable Feynman graphs from strongly twisted N=4 SYM

Abstract: We discuss the 3D and 4D QFTs, posessing planar integrability,
emerging in the double scaling (DS) limit, combining strong
imaginary gamma-twist and weak coupling, of N=4 SYM and
ABJM. These new chiral QFTs are described by a very limited set
of fishnet-like Feynman graphs, explicitly integrable due to
their relation to the quantum spin chains with 3D and 4D
conformal symmetry. We discuss the corresponding DS limit for
asymptotic Bethe ansatz equations, computing certain multi-magnon
Feynman graphs. We also present the exact solution, via the
quantum spectral curve method, for BMN operators of Length=3, at
any wrapping (computing arbitrary “wheel” graph with 3
spikes). We also briefly describe the planar amplitudes in the
simplest of such models, the bi-scalar QFT.