HET Journal club: Haopeng Yan

Speaker: Haopeng Yan

Title: Observational signature of a near-extremal Kerr-MOG black hole at the Event Horizon Telescope

Abstract: Recently, an analytical method was proposed to compute the observational signature of a near-extremal rotating black hole in general relativity (GR), which presents a unique prediction for the Event Horizon Telescope to test. In this talk, I will introduce a generalization of this to a modified gravity theory, namely the scale-tensor-vector gravity (short for STVG or MOG). To be specific, I will consider the image of an orbiting star (hot spot) near a near-extremal supermassive Kerr-MOG black hole as well as the shadow cast by the black hole. Then I will compare the signatures produced in MOG with those produced in GR and discuss the differences between them.