HET seminar: Dennis Müller

Speaker: Dennis Müller

Title: Yangian Symmetry of Wilson Loops and Fishnet Feynman Integrals

Abstract: A typical sign of integrability is an infinite-dimensional symmetry algebra of Yangian type. In this talk, we discuss the integrability of smooth super Wilson loops and fishnet Feynman integrals. We begin by reviewing the construction of super Maldacena-Wilson loops in full non-chiral N=4 superspace. Using gauge covariance as a guiding principle, we derive the action of the conformal and Yangian generators on these Wilson loops and discuss the Yangian invariance of the planar one-loop expectation value. In the second part of the talk, we shift our focus to four-dimensional fishnet Feynman integrals. We show that these integrals feature a conformal all-loop Yangian symmetry and discuss the implications of this symmetry in terms of differential equations for these graphs. Finally, we comment on generalizations to fishnet integrals in three and six dimensions.