HET seminar: Ellis Yuan

Speaker: Ellis Yuan

Title: Simplicity in AdS Perturbative Dynamics

Abstract: In this talk I will make some preliminary investigations to dynamics in AdS, more precisely the Mellin amplitudes associated to particle scattering, at loop level. With a focus on scalar effective theories, this analysis is fulfilled by introducing an integral operation acting in the Mellin space that triggers a recursive construction from diagrams at lower loops to those at higher.  This gives rise to a convenient representation for arbitrary scalar diagrams in terms of Mellin integrals, whose integrand follows simple diagrammatic rules.  Analytic properties of the amplitudes can be studied from this representation in a systematic way.  I will provide several simple applications at one and two loops, and further comment on several universal features on the structure of Mellin amplitudes thus observed, which is conjectured to hold to all loops.