HET-Discovery seminar: Falko Dulat

Speaker: Falko Dulat

Title: Elliptic polylogarithms and modular forms

Abstract: Recently there has been a lot of activity in understanding elliptic
structures appearing in quantum field theory.
I will introduce the basic concepts of an elliptic generalization of
the well-known multiple polylogarithms, which play an important role
in describing the elliptic sector of multi-loop scattering amplitudes.
Afterwards, I will introduce a different way of describing functions
on elliptic curves using modular forms. After describing the basic
properties of modular forms, I will show the connection between the
two seemingly unrelated descriptions using the newly developed
elliptic symbol calculus on the example of the famous two-loop sunrise
diagram. I will also show an application that goes beyond simple
elliptic structures.