HET-Discovery seminar: Ogan Ozsoy

Speaker: Ogan Ozsoy

Title: Probing Early Universe on small scales


Observations of Cosmic Microwave Background ( CMB ) radiation appear to be consistent with the simplest realizations of the inflationary paradigm: single field slow-roll inflation. However, in practice, CMB probes can provide us information about the inflationary dynamics only for a limited range of scales that correspond to a small portion of the dynamics compared to required time span of inflation in solving the standard problems of Hot Big Bang cosmology. This leaves us with a large portion of the dynamics together with a vast range of scales that are pretty much uncharted and yet to be explored. In this talk, I will focus on two possible observational windows together with a simple primordial mechanism that can provide us the opportunity to probe the inflationary dynamics on small scales compared to the CMB. In this context, I will show two exemplary scenarios that has potential to accomplish this goal through enhanced scalar and tensor fluctuations during inflation.