HET seminar: Rodrigo Olea

Speaker: Rodrigo Olea

Title: Kounterterms in AdS Gravity


As an alternative to the Holographic Renormalization procedure in the
context of AdS/CFT correspondence, we introduce a renormalization scheme
for AdS gravity based on the addition of boundary terms which are a
given polynomial of the extrinsic and intrinsic curvatures (Kounterterms).
These terms are closely related to either topological invariants or
Chern-Simons densities in the corresponding dimension, such that they can be
easily generalized to other gravity theories (Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet,
Lovelock, etc.).
We provide a general prescription on how to obtain standard holographic
quantities at the boundary.
We also briefly comment on a possible relation to supersymmetry.