Remote Nordic HET seminar: Konstantinos Zoubos

Speaker: Konstantinos Zoubos

Title: Dynamical spin chains in N=2 superconformal gauge theories

Abstract: The mapping of the one-loop planar dilatation operator of 4d N=4 super-Yang-Mills theory to a nearest-neighbour XXX Heisenberg spin chain was the starting point for spectacular advances in our understanding of N=4 SYM and forms one of the main pillars of the field of AdS/CFT integrability. In this talk I'll consider the equivalent question for N=2 orbifolds of N=4 SYM, marginally deformed by allowing the couplings of the different gauge groups to be different. Depending on the scalar sector chosen, the corresponding spin chains turn out to be either of alternating type or of what is known as dilute Temperley-Lieb type. Together, they form a 15-vertex model which is dynamical, in the sense that the Hamiltonian depends on a parameter which is dynamically determined along the chain. After presenting the solution of the two-magnon problem for such chains via the coordinate Bethe ansatz, and highlighting some of its unusual features, I will propose a mapping to RSOS and loop models and discuss links with Felder's approach to elliptic quantum groups.