Joint Theory Seminar: Gabriel Bliard

Title: The search for constraints and simplicity in the conformal bootstrap

The idea of the conformal bootstrap is to constrain observables through symmetries, consistency and a minimal amount of physical input. Using this method, correlators of insertions on one-dimensional defects in holographic setups are particularly apt to be computed. In this talk, I will revisit the analytic bootstrap of the four-point correlator of insertions on the 1/2 BPS Wilson line defect in ABJM (first studied in arXiv:2004.07849) where new non-perturbative constraints allow us to bootstrap the next order. Unlike the case of the 1/2 BPS Wilson line defect in N=4 SYM, these correlators do not have a topological sector which prevents access to the constraints from localisation. Additionally, the absence of an R-symmetry index makes the construction of higher dimensional protected operators more difficult. The talk will proceed as follows;
After introducing the holographic line defect, I will present the two next-to-leading computations, thus motivating the need for additional input from integrated correlators. Finally, I will motivate the search for additional constraints and present the possibilities this opens up for higher-order bootstrap and the simple results that ensue from this analysis.