Joint Theory Seminar: José Figueroa-O'Farrill

Title: Generalised BMS strings

Abstract: I will present some joint work with Girish Vishwa constructing BRST complexes for generalisations of the BMS_3 algebra whose cohomology could be interpreted as the spectrum of a generalised BMS string as well as some quasi-isomorphic embeddings between different BRST complexes.  During the first part of the talk I will review the well-known case of the Virasoro algebra and in the second part I will talk about the new results on the BMS-like algebras.  If there is time I will also present some joint work in progress with Girish Vishwa, Joaquim Gomis, Carles Batlle and Víctor Campello on Weyl/conformal extensions of the BMS algebra.

Student session: 13:10