Joint Theory Seminar: Stefano Baiguera

Title: The Panorama of Spin Matrix Theory

Abstract: Spin Matrix theory describes near-BPS limits of N=4 SYM theory, which enables us to probe finite N effects like D-branes and black hole physics. In this talk, I will motivate why Spin Matrix Theory is a promising road to a non-relativistic version of the AdS/CFT correspondence. As part of this, I will construct the Hamiltonian for the largest Spin Matrix Theory of N=4 SYM, called the PSU(1,2|3) sector, which admits a black hole solution in its dual. The resulting Hamiltonian is automatically positive definite, manifestly invariant under supersymmetry, and composed of basic blocks which belong to supermultiplets. Since all the other Spin Matrix theories arising from limits of N=4 SYM can be acquired by turning off certain letters in the theory, this study reveals the “Panorama” of Spin Matrix theory. Finally, I will discuss a local formulation for the Spin Matrix Theory in a certain subsector with SU(1,1|1) invariance.

Student session: 13:10